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Unhappy Joy the Mini-Schnauzer

Hi all, great to have this place to share and learn...I have been learning a lot reading and need some help.

Joy is a 10 year old Mini Schnauzer who has been diagnosed with Diabetes about 3 months ago. We have her with the CGM FreeStyle Libre.

We are giving her 6 units of Insulin twice a day...I am attaching the daily graphs of the last 3 days, which are representative of how her blood sugar has been.

We are feeding her cooked ground beef with squash, fibers and Balance IT.

Her energy levels are good for dog of her age, thirst is good...

What I need to know is if these curves are normal to expect, should I be doing something different?

I am really concerned that she is above 500 maybe 3-4 hours a day...Am I being an "overprotective father"?

Thanks in advance for any input.


PS: for example now she has been close to 500 for 3 hours...I am waiting to feed her, but isn't there anything I can do when this happens? for example, one question I have is: is it advisable to go for a walk when she is close to 500? Thanks a lot to any direction!

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