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Default Re: Joy the Mini-Schnauzer

<div> Hi, Martin,

Her blood glucose levels are going way too high and there is too much swing in the curves.

Isnít the CGM FreeStyle Libre a human meter? If so, her blood glucose levels are probably higher than what the chart is showing. I use a dog glucometer, but do have a human one for backup. My human one reads about 80 points lower than the dog one, so I factor that in when I occasionally use it.

Hamburger meat makes my Pippiís blood glucose go up, even if I give her a little bite. I think it might be the fat in it. However, every diabetic dog is different. And there are different fat levels in hamburger.

Is Balance IT food a prescription diet? How long has Joy been eating the particular diet you are feeding (Balance IT, hamburger & squash)? Does she get fed only 2x a day right before insulin injections?

You mentioned that Joy is getting 6 units of insulin 2x a day. What brand of insulin? How much does Joy weigh?

Have you shown your vet these high numbers? If so, what does he/she suggest?
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