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Default Re: Scruff the Schnauzer, Rest in Peace 10/31/15

It's nice to see you here and to hear that things are going well.

I feel the same about Chris and his many friends here at the forum. Time makes the memories warmer and softer and sweeter, takes the raw edge off. We just celebrated our dog Jack's 12-year adopta-versary, which followed Chris' passing in 2008 by a couple of months. Chris would have turned 26 this year!

It's just shocking to think that so much time has gone by already. Jack's an old boy now at 13. Every day I am thankful Jack didn't develop diabetes... not because I can't handle diabetes but because Jack is not the mellow tolerant boy Chris was. It would be very challenging to test Jack's blood sugar at home!

Wishing you and your pups many happy years together!

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