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Default Re: My experience with the Freestyle Libre

Originally Posted by sibhus View Post
Accuracy- So heres where things got interesting for me. On day one I read an offset error of 100 points compared to my AT2, Im not sure if this is due to a calibration the sensor undergoes. However, on day 2 it was within 35 points and held at that pretty much the whole duration as I performed random spot checks using my AT2 over the two weeks it was installed.

Our OneTouch Ultra meter consistently read the blood sugar about 35 points lower on average than the AlphaTrak when I did a similar test of blood drops over time tested with both meters.

Keep in mind that every meter reading is an estimate. Meters use algorithms to calculate the blood sugar readings. You never truly know exactly what your dog's blood sugar is.

But you don't have to know exactly. It's the average levels and the peaks and valleys that are important. Except for avoiding low blood sugar, a difference of 35 or 50 points doesn't have an impact on dosing.
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