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Default Re: Diabetes and blindness

hi to you and Ozzie not read that 75% diabetic dogs go blind.
mine did in 6 months. Riliey did very well running and playing normally.
getting regulated with a good quality food and having the food meet up with the insulin is important. staying around 250 us/ 16 cd for the better part of the day is good.
although cataracts can be removed some return.
theres eye drops to use daily you can ask your vet

tell us more about Ozzy.
Riliey . aka Ralphy, Alice, Big Boy
20 lb male. 5 1/2 nph insulin. 1/2 cup fromms. black cockapoo, dx Apr 2012 . 5 1\2 yrs diabetic. 2000 to 2017
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