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Default Re: Diabetes and blindness

Hi, I just want to reply that our dog( 9years) has diabetes one year now . His eyes did become a little bit more grey. But he shows nothing that he can't see well. In daylight and in the dark evening he sees everything. Hope for your dog the best. Most important I think is to get the bloodglucose levels in good range.
We used 14 days sensors in the beginning and it helped us so much to understand diabetes and curves. Because we couldn't get a blooddrop to test in the beginnig.
Bart is a Small Münsterlander, born 07-2011, 21 kg
Diabetes: okt 2019 Insulin: Vetsulin morning 6.5 and evening 6 units
Meter: Freestyle reader and Accucheck
Diet: Raw meat with 25% vegetables

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