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Default Hope for Abby?

Hello all, let me introduce my doggie. Her name is Abby and she is a eleven-year-old St. Bernard. My husband and I adopted her at age eight from a saint bernard rescue. Abby has had arthritis in her hind legs as long as we've had her, so having her be on a carpeted surface to get up was normal. It wasn't until two weeks ago that my husband first said, "Do Abby's gums look a little pale?" I checked and they weren't deep pink, but still pink.

Anyway, Abby began having weakness in her hind legs to the point she could not get up at all without help! She couldn't stand up for more than a few minutes to even go outside! She then started having accidents in the house and Abby never pees or poos in the house. Abby acted mortified to be wet. We took her to the vet who thought she had a UTI. She tested Abby's urine and blood and found glucose. She then did a glucose test and Abby's blood sugar was super high!

I feel stupid, how could I have missed the signs? I have and Ed.D. and noticed Abby was drinking a lot more, but we had to increase meds for her arthritis so I chalked it up to that. She also has been sleeping in our bedroom for most of the time we've had her. The last few nights, she couldn't even get up to do that!

My point is, how can I help her recover? We have her on insulin and the vet gave her a B12 shot yesterday. She is 150 lbs and it's hard for me to move her myself and my hubby can't really because he has back problems and neck problems. I hate seeing her so depressed. We have her antibiotics for the UTI as well.
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