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Default Re: Hope for Abby?

As a person that went through this same problem in March i think you have a good chance of her recovering but it will require alot of patience and work on your part honestly. You can click my name and look for my old thread about my dog to get a more full picture of what i did and gone through for my buddy. Ill give you a rough summary of what happened. My dog started to urinate alot more often during the febuary period and i just figured he was just extra thirsty so i didnt think much of it since everything else was normal. Until he started losing hind leg movement then his hind legs just completely vanished and he was paralized hind legs. You have to get your dog to a stable weight for her type and age calculating in activity. Then you have to keep her BG levels in the 100s as much as possible. My dog couldnt walk for more than a month i had to use a towel to support him when he did his business then just let him lay in his bed all day everyday while i slowly nursed him. Eventually when i go to make his food sometime after a month or so after i got his BGs under control he started getting up on his own but not walking and every week he would start walking a few more steps on his own till he could make it out the room to the kitchen and back on his own. Now hes very stable and is able to do everything on his own but doesnt run much anymore since im guessing hes old and lost alot of confidence after losing his legs for 2 months + . i hope this gives you hope and some insight on your pups situation since its practically mirrors my dogs situation and hes the same age too.
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