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Ahhh yeah almost forgot about the Methyl b-12. You HAVE to get the one without artificial flavoring because its basically poison to a dog system. I buy the Methyl b-12 from GNC which doesn't have any artificial flavoring. and i give him one pill each meal while he is at 70lbs. If she is still not able to use her hind legs i did some range of motion therapy for my dog so the muscles don't stiffen up. If you pull the leg full stretched and go through a range of motion she might do a small tug back and thats a good sign of her able to use some of the nerves in the leg but nerve rebuilding will take some time depending on how long they were out of use. I looked at some youtube videos on range of motion exercises for dog hind legs to not injure the dog further in case i rip or do a wrong motion.

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