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Default Re: DKA, Diabetes and Pancreatitis - Won't Eat

Yeah the problem with animal hospitals is that the staff is constantly being rotated so its hard for them to be familiar and keep track of every pet on a more deep level compared to the dogs normal vet. Also it seems the time he was on high BGs caused some nerve damage in his legs this also happened to mine and he couldn't use his hind legs for around 2 months. I suggest getting him on Methyl B-12 Vitamins without artificial flavoring because the flavoring is poison to dogs i buy mine from GNC and give him 1 pill each meal. After i got him stabilized during those 2 months of not using his hind legs he began to make slow recovery. The heavy breathing was also a problem for me at the beginning and that was during his time on a lot of medications so if you could give me a list of all the medications hes on i might be able to tell you which ones might be causing his heavy breathing but this isn't a guarantee since every dog is different because my doctors didn't think it was the medication very strongly and wanted more expensive tests which they said have a chance of not giving any information anyways. Being as i was tight financially i chose to take him off some of his medications of my own gut feeling since i know my dog best and it did the trick. As far as quality of life goes it will look bad now but if you put in work and especially patience it will pay off most of the time. This is all new to you and your pet so its a lot to get use to but over time it will go back normal most likely. As for unresponsive just think of yourself with a horrible headache and the only thing you want to do is be left alone to just shut eye and rest until you slowly feel better the odds are this is what your dog is going through at the moment because he is sickly and stressed from the vet visits constantly over a short period of time. My dog use to just wake up eat a little and go right back to bed till his next meal for a good 2-3 weeks till he felt better and was willing to play in the bed with me and slowly he started getting usage in his legs again and now hes back to normal pretty much with a little bit if stumbling because he had severe nerve damage and nerves take a long time to repair the longer they are out of commission. But yeah i know its hard right but y'all can get through this PS. You can look at the thread on my dog for a more detailed journey if you have time.

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