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I've been using green beans mixed in Pippi's food a.m. and p.m. for about a month or so. I've continued using the plain yogurt in her food 2x daily with her meal since she had that terrible Clostridium infection. I'd seen some people in this group feed green beans to their diabetic dogs and the last time I went to the vet a month or so ago, they said that green beans are good for fiber with diabetic dogs and good for treats.

I have fed Pippi here and there the green beans as treats. The first time I gave her a green bean for a treat, she about ate my hand off! She loved it! LOL. Who would have known she'd like a green bean for a treat? Pet owners spend so much money for dog treats at the store - most not good for them at all - and all they have to do is give them green beans! It keeps their dogs healthy and happy and saves them lots of money! Plus it doesn't raise the blood glucose level much!

I have not tried yams/sweet potatoes. I am a little worried because they taste "sweet" and thought they might raise her blood glucose level because of the sugar. Are they good for treats - a spoonful or so? How do they compare to green beans when it comes to blood glucose levels?
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