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Default Re: How do I check Niki's heart rate?

Originally Posted by k9diabetes View Post
As for heart rate, in Chris' case I use a stethoscope. It can be done by feel on the side of the chest just behind the front leg (though with all Crissy's fur that might be difficult) but Chris also has pulse deficits (heart beats that don't produce a pulse through the vessels) and some very soft beats so I miss too much if I just use my hand. I put a stethoscope to his chest just behind his front leg at about mid ribs, wherever I get the strongest sound, and then count beats, usually 15 seconds at a time.

Originally Posted by eyelostit View Post

That heart rate, would you do it like this, take the beats in 15 seconds then if it would be EX: 20 the heartrate for 1 min would be 80 correct?
Originally Posted by k9diabetes View Post
Yup! I usually count for 15 seconds as his heart rate is highly variable right now and then multiply by 4. That gives me an average rate over a minute. Although if there's a lot of variation, I also try to give her an idea of the speed of the slow beats and of the fast beats that make up the average.

If his heart is going very fast, it's hard to count that long and keep up so then I usually do 10 seconds and multiply by 6.


I think this is what you were looking for.