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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Yes, it's really a lot of fun. The other dog that I'm working with is a sheltie too, so hopefully working with him will help "train" me better, so that when Spirit is ready to compete I'll already have a lot of experience. Except that he's the most mellow sheltie I've ever met, and he's really not that fast. Spirit, I believe, is going to be SMOKING fast!!!!! But since they're both herding dogs, lots of the same techniques will probably apply (for example, most herding dogs like to be behind their handler so they can "herd" them - it's pretty hard to send them out in front of you - so I need to practice running courses without staying behind my dog). But I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to practice. A few of my other friends have offered to let me do run throughs (which is kind of like a dress rehearsal) with their dogs, so that will help as well. Should be interesting to see what happens!
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