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Default Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?

Test him again about four or more hours from his meal, when he's had some time to digest and convert it to drive up his blood glucose level...that'll show you just how high its likely going. The one touch is the closest human meter to the animal designed Alphatrak, but the results you're getting will be lower than his actual BG is with the vets meter. Many here use the one touch or Relion brand as cheaper ways to spot check and monitor levels, then some do a curve with an Alphatrak so they don't need to convert results to find the true BG. Infections of any type can mess with the numbers, as can the medications used to treat them - either up or down, you can't be sure of the real numbers until its cleared up or ruled out.

As for the treats, we can all understand giving in to those eyes! You being liberal with treats did not cause him to become diabetic. It is a disease of the endocrine system that happens to even the most fit and well fed dogs. You are NOT to blame, so don't feel like its your fault! Giving steak or chicken is not a bad treat option as proteins are less likely to raise numbers than biscuits or any regular doggie chew. If he will eat veggies, you can use green beans or broccoli to treat him - we give straight from the freezer as he likes the crunch.

Try to keep calm and wait for your vet check on Tuesday. If there are no ketones, he should be fine to go for a few more days before you begin treatment. Take some time here to read and inform yourself on what you can do to get on the path to regulated BG levels. If you've got questions, there is always someone here on the forum that will be ready to help you out.
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