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Default Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?

Thank you all for your kind responses I really appreciate it.

This was just an overwhelming thing to go on with my current life (becoming a father, suffering a brain injury that has caused permanent damage, being out of work) its been a long year needless to say.

Luckily he loves carrots and blueberries, so that can hopefully help maintain some treat rewards for him. I have some chicken dethawing that I will cook and cut up as an occassional reward, and part of his meals. Decided Ill be doing a lot of home cooking for his food after doing some internet research.

I look forward to reading through this forum for some helpful information!

Also, as an update, I took his blood sugar again and it was 201. Also one thing to notice is after being on the meds for a little bit, his drinking and urinating was back to normal today. (one and a half bowls of water, and 4 urinations) Lately he was going to urinate 10+ times a day, and drinking multiple bowls of water. Not sure what it means, but Tuesday still cant come soon enough.

Once again, thank you all who have responded thus far, it has helped to settle me down quite a bit.
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