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Default Re: Need help with Ben

Yes, we were using u-100 syringe all along. This might explain why Caninsulin was not having any effect on Ben.

Test results have come out.

TLI is + 50 Ig/l - vet said that this point to pancreatitis or renal insufficiency. Having blood tests in Monday to check on the latter, though previous blood tests showed that everything was working properly.

Urea normal. Creatinine slightly below normal.

Urine cortisol: creatinine ratio 80 - vet said above 25 points to Cushing's

LDDT 126.7, 121.9, 15.3 (hope I got the last number right as this information was communicated to me over the phone)

I am not sure if I am to take these tests at face value.

They were taken while Ben was undergoing a severe DKA episode and receiving intravenous fluids - therefore, a period of huge stress. With all our good will, we were the ones to cause it as we stopped giving him insulin if he did not eat. He was not eating his kibbles from another brand, we gave him boiled chicken, and were just happy to see him eat again. All this while Ben was on Caninsulin.

What puzzles me in all this is that Ben shows none of the physical symptoms associated with Cushing's - no fur problems, no skin infections, no pot belly, drinking and peeing returned to normal.

The only thing is that he is always hungry, but he is getting only 120 gr of kibbles for diabetics per day (accurately measured and strictly timed), whereas before he used to graze all day long. Other than that he is happy, lively, and energetic (read flashes away when we take him out).

Ben is still on 5 iu of Insulatard x 2 daily, 12 hours apart. We haven't measured sugar levels for past 4 days or so, as vet said no changes were being observed. The last reading we had was 26 in the morning, 14 in the afternoon, and 20 in the evening. I am still not doing home testing as glucometre is taking ages to be delivered. However, in my limited knowledge, these figures seem to indicate that the insulin is not lasting for the whole 12 hours, and not necessarily that there is an underlying cause for Ben's unregulated sugar levels. The more I read the case study in this website, the more I see similarities between that case and Ben's and it might just be that he is metabolising his insulin too quickly.

Vet is proposing that we stop the insulin, and start treatment for adrenal Cushing's. I am not so much ikeen on this:
A) we do not know if it is adrenal or pituitary-based
B) Ben will have to go without his insulin during treatment, and if his Cushing's (if indeed he has it) is pituitary, then I have no idea if this could lead to another DKA

Now that Ben is less stressed I have a good mind to ask vet to start tests from scratch. What worries me is that to do LDDs we have to stop giving Ben insulin for two days, and again I fear DKA. Vet said we could do the high- dose test. Cannot do ultrasound as there are no specialists on it where I live.

I really do not know what is the best decision here.
If waiting another 2 weeks will not be dangerous for Ben, I would really like to have the time to do a proper curve for him, to see if we can stabilise his sugsr levels.

I am also concerned about the side-effects of the treatment for Cushing's, especially if it is a false positive.

Any ideas or advice please?
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