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Default Re: Vetsulin vs. Novolin N vs. Novolin 70/30

Thanks for the info. With him also having EPI we've been pretty particular with his feedings and that part of his health has been fairly stable. With the diabetes acting up, we're going to remove as many variables as possible and try to regulate that more consistently. Starting with tonights meal, we're going to just feed him kibble. We're going to remove the fat free cottage cheese, chicken and sweet potato and slightly increase the kibble to compensate. My hope from a scientific point of view is that fewer variables will give us a better look at what we are dealing with. If it looks like the food needs to be changed to help stabilize the highs and lows, then we can do that and look at slowly adding back the elements of his diet that have helped us to keep the EPI in check and the weight on.
Ace (border collie) was diagnosed with EPI on 5/31/18 and weighed 24.6 lbs. On 7/28/18, Ace was diagnosed as diabetic. 2 meals per day. 1 cup Victor Multi pro with 1/2 cup ground chicken breast, 1/4 cup sweet potato, and 1/4 cup fat free cottage cheese. 7 units Vetsulin injections twice daily with each meal.
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