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Default Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

Both diseases are entirely manageable. Diabetes is probably the less expensive one. Cushings can be difficult to properly diagnose and really requires a skilled veterinarian just to make the diagnosis while diabetes is pretty easy to identify.

Damage from Cushings disease occurs only very slowly over the long term so whenever diabetes and Cushings come up together as potential problems, I always like to see the diabetes addressed first. Unresolved diabetes leads to considerable damage from very high blood sugar, including ketoacidosis, which is fatal if not treated quickly.

Cushings will make the diabetes difficult to control so in some ways starting to treat the diabetes helps to sort out whether Cushings is present also! If you get good regulation, you can forget about Cushings.

Lots of Schnauzer folks here alright! I am starting to think that if you bring home a mini Schnauzer, you might just as well plan on diabetes!

Those snacks are virtually calorie-less so I think you can be pretty liberal with them.

Welcom to you and Bella... love your user name!

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