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Post Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

Thanks Natalie for the explanation.

What do you guys think:

When Bella’s urine was tested at the emergency vet clinic it had high amounts of glucose 2000 ++++ so they ran the blood test which confirmed her diabetes (results 596 mg/dl, reference range 70-143). She was negative on the ketones (but has an UTI).

Bella isn’t being tightly regulated. My vet wants to rule out Cushing’s before I purchase a glucometer and urine test strips. He did ask me to get in the habit of keeping a recorded journal just in case.

The reason Bella isn’t being tightly regulated right now is because we caught her diabetes within 8 weeks (early onset, which according to him is pretty amazing). It just happen that she had geriatric blood work done in August & everything came back normal.

So I’m kinda flying blind here as far as her sugar levels during the day. Should I at least go buy the urine strips? Or am I over reacting? We’ve been with this vet for almost 6 years & he’s been there for us through ever crisis. We do work closely together in managing Bella’s health especially in the last two years. I just don’t want to find her hypoglycemic. The vet said she might continue to drink water often b/c of possible Cushing’s, but it shouldn’t be anything like it was last Saturday (which is true, she drinks often but not every minute). I do watch her closely around 12-3 PM when the insulin is at its peak & check on her thru the night (she sleeps right next to me).

Bella’s RX & Feed Schedule

17 units NPH @ 7AM/PM
Ursodiol @ 9PM (liver disease)
Baytril @ 7:30 AM/PM (UTI)
Metacam (as needed for arthritis, usually given in winter months)
Heartguard Plus (once a month)
Frontline Plus (once a month)

Hill’s RX diet- dry W/D 1 ½ cups, wet W/D ¼ can 7AM/PM
Insulin injection immediately after eating.

Veggies through out the day for snacks.

Bella’s 23 lbs, 10 yrs old

We made it through our first week without incident.

Thanks again guys!
- Isabella & Samantha
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