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Default Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

I am not sure I understand your vet's reasoning, other than possibly to save the expense...

Having caught Bella's diabetes early there is definitely the potential for her to "honeymoon" - by injecting insulin, you decrease the workload on the pancreas, which can, for a while, recover somewhat and once again start producing insulin.

That sounds good but it is virtually always temporary. Diabetes in dogs is an auto-immune disorder that destroys the cells that produce insulin so something like 99% of the time the pancreas eventually loses all ability to produce insulin.

There is some risk for low blood sugar is you are injecting insulin and the pancreas starts producing its own. But, having been through an extended honeymoon with our dog, it seems like the pancreas only produces insulin to get the blood sugar to more or less normal levels. If the injected insulin is enough, the pancreas doesn't bother to produce any more.

I can't point you to a study to back that up. But our dog honeymooned for a full six months and he never had seriously low blood sugar. Every curve we did showed his blood sugar in the 70s to 90s. Each time we found this, we cut the insulin dose. We went from 14 units twice a day down to 1 unit twice a day in a 60-pound dog!!

Then, just about a month later, his insulin producing ability started to fail permanently and his blood sugar started going back up.

So... what I started to tell you... LOL

Was that I would indeed want to be testing Bella's urine and/or blood sugar at this point to see if the insulin dose actually needs to be reduced thanks to honeymooning. And to make sure her blood sugar isn't going too low.

Plus you can monitor at home generally whether she is regulating, which would tell you whether she likely actually has Cushings disease.

With such high blood sugar in the beginning, I also would want to check for ketones.

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