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Default Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

One other thing I wanted to add...

I do not want you to tick off a vet you have a good relationship with.

At the same time, I am of the view that whether I test my diabetic dog's blood sugar or urine glucose is up to me to decide. And that there aren't many downsides to home testing blood sugar.

There are some folks who just obsess over the numbers and fiddle with things constantly as a result. But they are rare.

Diabetes, like most things, is better managed with more information and without any kind of home monitoring, you don't have any information.

For example, some dogs get really huge swings in blood sugar from the insulin. They can start out at a meal at 450 and drop down to 100! (My dog, for example: With only spot checks at the vet or no monitoring at all, you will see signs of high blood sugar from the 450 and possibly give more insulin, not realizing that the blood sugar is also dropping very steeply and that the additional insulin will send the dog into hypoglycemia.

So I would, at least, talk to the vet about the testing issue and try to sort out what his/her concerns are.

Personally, I'd just go ahead and learn to test. I can guarantee you that once you test blood sugar at home, you will wonder why you waited so long and how you would have coped without it.

There came a point for me when Chris' diabetes was being poorly managed, even by some supposedly world class endocrinologists... that I had to decide that I had to do what was right for Chris and for me even if the vets did not approve because one thing I knew is they were not helping him.

So my philosophy has become basically My Dog, My Decision.

It doesn't have to be in the vet's face or confrontational. But the vet does need to know that it's my expectations we have to meet.

Okay... off soapbox.

In the end, I think you will LOVE home testing blood sugar. It's the best way to know what's happening with your dog.

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