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Default Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

Bella's not likely to cooperate, huh?

Chris didn't fight me but he didn't cooperate at first either. He would fidget and lick his lips... we were quite the sight!

Cushings usually will cause the insulin dose to rise, rise, rise and the blood sugar to never get much below 300. Some dogs stay at high BG levels with uncontrolled Cushings. Others will respond for a week or two to a higher dose of insulin and then, like clockwork, bounce back up into high blood sugar again.

Once a dog gets to about 1 unit per pound and still is nowhere near good blood sugar levels, they are technically labeled as resistant to the effects of the insulin and this is typically a give away that Cushings may be involved.

When you test for Cushings, I suggest, if you can afford it, that you do a full blood panel sent to the University of Tennessee Knoxville to check all of the various hormones that can cause Cushings. Cortisol is what they usually test for but atypical Cushings looks just the same on the dog but is caused by elevated sex hormones. The UT panel checks it all. It is conducted just like the ACTH but then sent to them to process. So same number of tests for Bella but covers more potential causes of Cushings. You could have had the Cush test before but have atypical Cushings causing her symptoms and the regular ACTH wouldn't catch that.

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