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Default Re: Isabella Kelly (Diabetes Mellitus & Cushing's Disease)

I LOVE UGA!!! Truly, I have seen them do exceptional work with a diabetic dog and they are at the top of my list of vets schools. So I think you are really lucky to be so close to them.

I believe UT is the only place currently doing this test. The guy who is responsible for it is Dr. Jack Oliver, who is a saint in the view of all of the folks I know dealing with Cushings. He takes time to answer individual owners' emails.

So your local vet can get the instructions from UT and take the pre and post ACTH blood samples and then ship them off to UT. I think it takes a few weeks to get the results back.

It's actually not that much more expensive than a standard ACTH and you get a lot more information. I thought of it with Bella because the vet feels Cushings is a possibility given some clinical signs but the cortisol test came back negative. So atypical Cushings is a possiblity.

Bonnie, user bgdavis, is a poster child for atypical Cushings. Her dog Crissy Ann, who passed away this year, was a screaming case of Cushings to look at her but kept coming back negative on the standard tests. They finally discovered she was atypical and once they started treating her, she got all her hair back... got her life back! I'm actually going to post some pictures of her later today so will give you a link to them.

We have a "sister" forum for Cushings in dogs that you might find interesting. They have a large reference section.

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