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Default Re: Vetsulin - FDA Warning

Many vets are unaware, it seems, of how good an insulin NPH is for dogs. I attended a seminar this spring on canine and feline diabetes and when the speaker asked how many in the room use NPH not one hand went up!!

I was shocked!! And made a point of bringing up NPH when someone asked about a dog who was not doing well on Vetsulin. He's a big dog too so it was costing a fortune to keep him going on Vetsulin and he had to have a huge volume of liquid injected.

The speaker brought up the old rumor that NPH will be gone any day now and I countered that I've been hearing that for four years and that it works really really well in dogs so I'm happy to see it used for as long as it is available. The vet asking about the dog had not even considered using NPH.

It seems like many vets settle on one insulin and don't branch out. They probably used Humulin L before Vetsulin came along and switched to Vetsulin when Humulin because both are lente insulins so somewhat similar.