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Default Re: NutroMax food warning

Hi again,
I've been doing some sanding and priming of walls and that has my carpel tunnel acting up so typing can be a chore.
Thanks for the site, Natalie. That was the one that got me re-thinking using Nutro Natural Choice as part of Lady's diet. I've decided to cut the amount in half that goes into her food. I was just using it as a treat so will cut it with Science Diet Senior dry and moistened dry. We'll be at a store in 2-3 weeks where I can get Solid Gold food and can use it for a treat. I'm pretty sure our humane society shelter will use what I have left as it will just be mixed in with the other food they use.
Hi Niki's mom, all of the dog food that I use for Lady has the ingredients on the label...doesn't matter where I bought the food, US or Canada. What am I missing in your post? Or am I just having another senior moment? :
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