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Default At my wits end with vets!

Hi! I have had a diabetic Dachshund for 5 years now. When my dog was first diagnosed I thought it was the end of the world - but we have muddled through it and she is a bright, waggly and lively dog. She gets 2 insulin shots a day, at a fairly high dosage. I am a responsible dog owner and put a great deal of time, love and care into keeping her well managed.

My problem is that the vets regularly refuse to write us the scripts for the insulin. To the point of being completely unreasonable. It's not the first time I have been surprised to reach the end of the bottle so quickly, phoned for a script only to be met with unreasonable demands and outright refusals. They must have a full BGC before anyone will write a script, but its a 12 hour commitment for me that needs to be scheduled, ahead of time so I can make up the work hours I miss.

Her regular vet is off sick, and I have just administered her last remaining dose. Stressful stuff sheesh! The receptionists and other vets on duty refuse to write the script, so I am not sure what my options are here. Will she die without insulin? If so, how long do I have to make another plan?! Her regular vet is supposed to be back tomorrow, so I could probably get a script then. I also have some old insulin in the fridge - do you all think I should rather use that rather than nothing?

Is there anything else I can do? I am in South Africa btw. So insulin is not available over the counter.

Thank you a million times over for any advice you might be able to give!
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