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Default Re: At my wits end with vets!

Thank you so much for the advice and sympathy! I have been utterly distraught! My girl has been with me for 13 years, I can't believe after all the time, love and effort it will be heartless vets that will be the end of her I am absolutely astounded that supposed "professionals" can deny life-saving medicine.

I will have to use the old insulin and hope for the best. It hasn't expired yet but there is a patch of coagulated material I can't seem to get rid of. I guess it is better than nothing?

There are no guarantees her vet will be back tomorrow, but I have hope that the old vials will keep her going until I can sort this out. I am not the best at confrontation so this whole situation just has me a teary mess. But you are absolutely right Antonia, I must at least put this in writing to them. Knowing them my messages of urgency have been lost for the umpteenth time under a mess somewhere is unbearable.

And yes it is absolutely a scam, they need the income from the repeated visits, tests and if they string you along long enough you are forced to buy their insulin at the DOUBLE the price. No vet that I have seen will issue a repeat or even prescribe a spare for emergencies. I suppose they make even more money if she is hospitalized as a result of this.

Is there anything else I can do to minimize the risk? I don't test her myself but I do have the kit. I have tried extensively and failed to get a decent reading, maybe I must make a mission of it again.

I see her insulin is available over the counter in a neighboring country, it's a 13 hour drive but it would be sweet to be able to give these guys a firm middle finger without endangering my dog further

Should I give her less food? Add in a little extra walk? I feel so helpless!
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