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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Aw, Sande, Congratulations!!! And lucky Sadie!!!

I spent nearly every week after Chris passed away "accidentally" looking at dogs available for adoption at the local rescue! My husband finally got tired of my whining and sighing and thus it was that Jack came home.

Very very happy for you - what a wonderful retirement gift!!


Originally Posted by Bagel's Mom View Post
Well just coming by to say hello.... since I lost my sweet Bagel in January it took a long time for the healing to start and even then it wasn't moving very well... I would glance at a beagle rescue site from a couple of hours away...even got approved which took serious applications and even a home visit..I have had beagles since I was three..anyway..ACCIDENTALLY saw this beautiful puppy whose Mom was rescued..They had to take her away from Mom at 5 months so Mom could begin heartworm treatment..
I curiously asked about the little waif...and the rest is HISTORY... Sadie, a lemon beagle is 12 weeks old and I have had her for four...She can never replace..but she sure can refill....She is a fuuny girl and i have a zillion pics if i could even remember how to post them!
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