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Default Re: Otis Farrell July 24, 1999 - October 4, 2013 RIP

oh my bill

ottis was a fighter tough as nails but he knew his time to leave had come and it was time to go home where we all come from .

your faith will give you some solace but the missing part is what gets us all .even though we know that they are in a much better place we are not there with them and have to wait. for are loved ones its probably just a flash in time but for us it feels like eternity .

he is such a fun guy your description of him is like planting him on my lap and would know it was him even though i had never seen him .

we were with you 2 through the trials and tribulations it did bring you closer to together and us with ottis and you .

he will be truly missed. every time i see a pug i will think of the big O
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