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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

You're right, Sande; we do understand. Each of us finds some different ways to manage our griefs - but they don't just go away. It takes time - lots of time - to heal from the worst of the griefs we feel when we lose a companion animal in whom we've invested so much care.

I believe the energy of those animals isn't lost, which is why I speak so freely of Kwali and Kumbi moving over here with Camellia and me to our new home, of them playing at Rainbow Bridge, welcoming new companions, especially from here, of them dropping things as needed from the Bridge to the humans caring for dogs here on the forum - and so forth.

They are just going on doing what they did naturally (or at least, thought about) when they were here on Earth with me.

Every animal who has been on this forum (lots of cats in Everything Else, for instance) is always a member here. It's a BIG, growing, increasing, family. And we keep learning from each other - animals and humans alike.

And the loving energies provide assistance to all who are here.

Bagel easily does her share, alongside and with you. So don't hesitate to tell stories of your life together.

Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:38:30 (PST)
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