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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Your post brought back all my memories of Sidley who passed on last May. I totally understand how sad you are and how you miss Bagel so much. I know that you only want Bagel but sometimes another dog comes along when you least expect it and wins your heart - but in a different way to Bagel.
I was lucky that toffee came to me and CJ and even though she was there before Sidley left us its made all the difference to CJ having a friend.

You said you were starting a new chapter in your life so maybe a new pup who needs a home will find one with you eventually. You have such a big heart with all that love to give to another doggie who would also give back so much more to you - as we all know from our pups.

I hope I'm not saying the wrong thing I don't want to upset you just thinking out loud.
Thinking of you and hope you start to feel a bit less sad soon. Hugs
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