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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

I've been exactly where you are. I was the same way with my cat Abby who died in 2011. I wanted her back so badly. I still do, but here's what happened in the meantime:

A feral kitten showed up in my back yard this summer. I didn't actively go out and get a new cat. I was trying to save money and didn't want to "replace" Abby. But, what do you do when a little creature shows up who peaks your interest? She became my project, and now she's a member of the household and I love her dearly.

I still miss Abby. She was a wonderful cat and I spent many hours unlocking her little psychological secrets, as one may do with cats. But, she was sick and had to move on. And now I focus on the living members of my household.

I'm very pleased that I was able to make a safe home for this little cat, who has made me very happy, and I hope you will consider bringing another dog into yours. You need time, of course, but there are many homeless dogs out there and one might just find you. If not, go find him or her at the shelter when you're ready.
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