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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Spirit is growing in leaps and bounds. She lost 2 teeth in the last week. And I took her to an agility trial this past weekend, just to watch and to get her accustomed to the environment. The only problem is that most of the agility trials are held in arenas that use red clay as the ground. And when you let a black and white puppy walk around on red clay, well, you get a red puppy. Poor little Spirit has had 3 baths (2 with whitening shampoo) and is still somewhat orange. Hopefully we can get that out before I have her holiday pictures done!
Sparky Love, diagnosed March 5, 2014. Enrolled in Kinostat study to prevent cataract formation. Pancreatitis June 16, 2014 - hospitalized for 6 days in the ICU. Went to the Rainbow Bridge June 23, 2014. I love you very much, baby.
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