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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Glad that little Spirit's still doing great! I'm getting so jealous of all the puppies around me right now... I even stopped in a puppy store today to look and play with some of them (don't worry, I wouldn't buy from a pet store). I love my old dogs (Dakota is turning 12 next week, Dec. 2), but seeing all these puppies makes me want another one!

Edit: Our customer at work that had the diabetic dog came back with a new puppy last week. She was such a sweet little thing, and very good for such a young puppy. When her mom came to pick her back up, she told the manager that if she'd known I'd love her puppy so much, she would've given me the sister, instead of giving her back to the breeder (her sister was beating up on her)!
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