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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

I've had a heavy heart the last few weeks. My sister in law runs a rescue and she got a 13 year old dog, Bear, whose family left her at a pound. Bear wasn't eating and ended up at the vet several times. She was finally dx. with pneumonia and despite above and beyond efforts, it got to the point they had to set her free. She had beautiful soulful eyes that remind me of my Kinser's eyes. He's also 13. I can't even imagine dumping him at a pound. Each day he is still with us is a gift.

Shortly there after she took a young girl pup, Stella, into her rescue. The pup had not made it's way to NY yet, but was in a foster out of state. Stella looked so much like Decker did as a pup. Rebecca kept saying to me, "PLEASE, mommy, PLEASEEEEE, can't we get her?" My SIL was sending me texts saying they could arrange to bring her to NY. Baby Stella got sick and was dx. with parvo. Despite life saving efforts, she did not survive. Poor sweet baby never had a chance.

A cousin lost her senior dog awhile back and recently adopted two small pups from a rescue (not my SIL's). A little boy, Oscar and a girl, Nala. They came home on a Saturday and by Sunday they were acting off. Monday they went to the vet and Nala was in/out of hospitalization. Later that week she remained at the vet hospital and had to have emergency surgery. She made it through surgery but didn't show signs of improvement. She went to puppy heaven. Her brother ended up hospitalized shortly there after. He didn't need the surgery but was not improving despite everyone's best efforts. At the end of the week he joined his sister in puppy heaven. My heart still breaks for my cousin and her family.

That concept of doing everything you know how to do, but your best not being good enough. Sure brings up a lot of sad memories and leaves the heart feeling heavy.

My bunch are doing fine but I sure hug them a bit tighter and spoil them a bit more these days.
Holli & Decker // diagnosed November 5th, 2011 // Journeyed to the bridge January 26th, 2013, surrounded by his family at home // 9 years old // Levemir insulin // Hypothyroid // C1-C5 cervical spinal lesion // weight 87 lbs // Run with the wind my sweet boy. Run pain free. Holding you close in my heart till we meet again!
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