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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?


It is very tough when those kind of tragedies happen around you. I have a couple of good friends who have gotten the worst news myself. One is my dog trainer who never feeds her dog anything less than the best and who does everything right. Her rescued border collie at 7 years old started feeling off on a Monday evening and by Wednesday, she was in kidney failure and made a small comeback but by the next Monday, they had to let her go. No explanation of what happened - she was great one minute and not the next. She has been the dog that taught so many of her client's dogs to trust other dogs - she was amazing with my schnauzer and when she started attending Mya's sessions, Mya became more of a regular dog. It was just an unbelievable loss.

Another friend and customer, who I am very close to found out she has pancreatic cancer the same week. She has only eaten organic food, never drank alcohol heavily, smoked, or used drugs, and always exercised and kept herself in great shape. It is just a terrible feeling to see people go through so much. This lady has two beautiful bichons who she lives for. I know she worries because her husband is much older and even though he loves the dogs, I know she is a little concerned because they are her babies.

These things have caused me to stop and think - to make more time for the people and furry four legged people who really matter.
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