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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

We spent a little while today at a Celebration of Life for Sophia Yin, Jack's behaviorist, who died at the end of September... really sad...

I spent about ten minutes or so with her Jack Russell, Jonesy, and he climbed up on my lap and let me pet him and talk to him. He looks sad and I'm sure he must miss Sophia terribly. I hadn't interacted with Jonesy much when Sophia worked with our dog but he was at our house a couple of times and he was as much of a "celebrity" as Sophia was.

Between that and a dog who got lost last Tuesday as a result of an accident and who died on the train tracks nearby, I admit I'm feeling kind of gloomy at the moment. But also very grateful for all that I have and for our boy Jack's health and happiness.

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