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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Spirit's been acting like her usual spunky self. She's enjoying agility immensely and really excels at it. I mean, REALLY excels at it!!!!! As in, her trainer said that she can start taking the intermediate agility class, that most dogs move into after 5-6 months of training (we would set the jump bars on the floor so she doesn't hurt herself). She's been training for 4 weeks. She absolutely loves it and is motivated to do it all the time. She prefers doing agility to playing with the other dogs in class. During playtime, she totally blows off the other dogs and takes off to do the agility equipment herself :-) It's adorable watching her.

And I've entered an agility trial with one of the other dogs that goes to Spirit's school (his mom is too nervous to compete with him). I'm super excited but also really nervous. The dog is definitely ready to compete but I feel like I'm not. But he's a very easy going dog and just loves agility, so hopefully it will be a good experience for both of us. I figured I have nothing to lose. I did get very ambitious when I entered the trial, and entered every single division that he's eligible for, so we'll be doing 6 events in 2 days. Paws crossed it will go well. The trial is December 6-7th.
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