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Default Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?

Natalie, I'm sure he must miss Sophia terribly. Glad to hear Jack is doing well. Tell Jeff we said hello as well.

Jesse girl, hope the pinto beans balance out well and the rabbit population bounces back!

Cara, how fun that you doing agility with 2 dogs now!

I have stayed very busy and things are just now starting to slow down (a little...). Taking some much needed time away this next week then spending Thanksgiving with family. We've had some health issues on both sides of the family so it will be a good visit but not without it's own challenges/concerns. Feeling very blessed that I am able to spend the upcoming holidays with my husband. Thinking of many of our friends who are separated during this time of year.

And, remembering the logistical challenges having a diabetic dog and juggling holiday celebrations presents. I still Ooh and Ahh over the sweet golden rescue pups I see pictured. But now is not yet the time. I feel I will know when.
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