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Default Re: Is my dog beginning to fail?

hi and welcome

i can understand what you are going through my jesse has a few additional challenges including diabetes

my jesse has always meandered with her numbers. lucky to get a couple months of consistency . we have quite a few things we use in jesses bag of tricks . i call it tricks because they dont last and we continue to rotate around . i am sure its the other challenges affecting her blood sugar . she is happy and doing well on the outside . dont know whats going on with the inside .

for me when jesse goes through periods of needing more insulin i don't like raising her normal insulin which is nph . i would rather use a fast acting to correct the higher sugar to a more respectable level . early in her DX i would give a fast acting every 6 hours . these period end up being temporary . i worried giving her a larger dose because she could change pretty quick back to the lower dose so the fast acting does not stay in her system to long like NPH

infection seems to be a major reason for a change in blood sugar in a higher range for many . UTIs seems to be the major culprit . something to test for if you havent . it seems you saw the change after the procedure . i am sure your pup needed antibiotics maybe a probiotic maybe helful

how are those poohs ? any change in digestion will affect blood sugar . its troubleshooting the problem . there is a reason just have to find it

my jesse is over 10 and was diagnosed at 5 and her fluctuations i guess wernt a sign of her failing but i really didnt think she would last 6 months but she proved me wrong over and over again . we just take it a day at a time no expectations and jesse enjoys her dogs life
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