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Default Re: Annie needs help

OK, looks I know how to make a post, so I'll continue.

We check Annie's BG, feed and inject twice a day at 8AM & 8PM. There are periods of 4 - 5 days where she stays in what I consider a good range of 100 - 225 (TELL ME IF THIS ISN'T A GOOD GOAL!). Then there are days like yesterday and today!

9-26-09 8AM = 68
9-26-09 8PM = 465
9-27-09 8AM = 61
9-27-09 8pm = 414

I was VERY surprised with the AM readings, but she was active and seemed to be doing OK. The PM readings were about 200 higher than I expected, but again she looked to be doing fine.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I measure her food fairly closely. We don't THINK she has been finding food on her own, but would eating a little grass (she has access to the back yard) possibly cause the PM readings?

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