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Default Re: Annie needs help

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for catching that. It's a fairly complex consideration, according to all I read in various places - essentially, two other forums.

Originally Posted by We Hope View Post
I'm not able to see how the use of NPH appears to mean that there's less need for testing. Can you provide any references?

Not specifically, but in general. This comes from long series, multiple posts, on other forums; I don't remember seeing such remarks here, though they may exist.

What appears to happen with people who change from Vetsulin (or Caninsulin) to NPH insulin is that, in general, they stop feeling very concerned about that first peak that occurs with the 30% amorphous component of Vetsulin. So, where once, they might have tested halfway through the day (or 4, 6, 8, whatever, hours after injection), people who have changed seem sometimes to omit that midday test.

I notice here, practically everyone seems to learn to test BG levels at home. I think that's a great safety measure, as well as keeping stress levels down for the dog, and it also helps keep costs down.

On the other forums I frequent, or read regularly, there are numbers of people who choose not to learn to test, some who do learn, but avoid testing much, and some who work to maintain tight glycemic control, and so, test at least at fasting-time (usually that's twice a day, before dog-meals), and sometimes "midday" (estimated insulin-peak-time, especially Vetsulin's [Caninsulin's] first peak).

That's all providing there's no particular indication of conditions other than diabetes.

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