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Default Re: Lucy, our rescued cattle dog, is an angel... April 21, 2014

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of Lucy's passing. Got an email from David & Connie today.

Lot has happened. July 2014 I was Dx with throat cancer. Finished treatment in November.

December 3 my wife of 30+ years passed unexpectedly. Thankfully some of her family came down & helped out. I wouldn't have made it without them and a few friends. Chemo has a side effect known as "chemo fog." Your short term memory just kind of checks out and attention span goes to zilch. The bad part is you recognize it and it gets pretty infuriating.

The cancer in my throat was gone but showed back up in my lung. I'm doing treatment for that. Getting my last chemo tomorrow then a PET scan to check things out. Paws crossed.

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