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Hi my doggie has been diagnosed diabetic since easter she also had pacreatitis . She is a very sweet girl and doing pretty good . we've finally got her numbers in better range she is on nph insulin the walmart brand . I home test with walgreens true track pretty accurate under 200 and can be alittle incosistent above that I do have a ultra mini to double check if number doesnt seem to be wright her are some numbers and the pattern stay cosistant

5:15am 143
6:00am fed blue buffalo weight control
7:00am 5u shot go for half hour rabbit run
8:35am 96
8:53am 119
9:30am 94
10:00am 183
12:00pm 265
1:00pm 229
3:30pm 254
4:20pm 194
5:30pm 123
6:00pm 109 fed cup b weight control usually drop flattens at this point

these numbers are far better than where she was at 300 and 400 so ime happy but when your in higher numbers it is less fearful even though its not good for her . going for walks and playing is not a problem and also going to work her food seems to be starting to kick out sugar at about 2 hours and 45 minutes and peaks at 6 hours and dies at 4:00 pm give or take so I have tried to time her shot by this with much better success than in the past thinking the big drops and rise were rebound but appears to be insulin wasnt working with food my problem is to try to flatten this out especially the spike at 10 am and drop at 4:00 pm I have eliminated that spike before with 5.5 units but got to low at the end of the cycle . It maybe just a food thing but ive tried other foods with bascically same result ho-made with lean beef heart fish egg brown rice and egg and bb wilderness mostly protein . There maybe a food out there that will work great but I dont have esp but wish I did or maybe this is the way it is and maybe there can be some tweaks to get her better maybe feed her even earlier but we are maxed out on insulin amount with this food I am getting worn out and jesse is a dogie pin cushion but it has got me and her to a better place any help would be appreciated

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