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Default Re: any thoughts in improving these numbers

Have been doing a lot of thinking about your dog overnight. I can completely sympathize with your "pin cushion" analogy. My pug was exactly the same, I think when she was first diagnosed, I tested her on average 15 times per day. she was also erratic to begin with, and took a lot of innovation to keep her in good numbers. You have done well to try figuring out when the food is utilized as opposed to the insulin absorption rate. The first several months after diagnosis, dogs are all over the place, and you do what you need to do to keep them at reasonable levels. However, as they go along, it is best IF it is possible to get them back to more normal insulin/food routines. That is because the insulin actually does work best when it works together with the food. My opinon only, after going through where you are for nearly a year, before getting my dog level.

I think the problem can be compounded by waiting too long to give the insulin after food. IF the insulin is lasting 12 hrs., then it is still in her system when you are feeding the next meal, and may help that drop you are getting. As you wait longer and longer to give the shot, the overlap with the next meal becomes more and more pronounced. It is highly unusual, not unheard of, for a dog to digest their food so slowly that it does not raise the bg for several hours. Have you tried digestive enzymes?
I tried them with my pug, and it increased her digestion rate so much I couldn't continue, but in your dog it may just be the trick you need.

If it were my dog, and having gone through this innovation/exploration/learning process myself, I would lower her dose slightly, and try once again to feed and give insulin within 1/2 hr of the food. If it appears you get too much drop after the meal, you could try some digestive enzymes. Or you can add some quicker carbs such as white bread. I know that you have tried some of these things before, but the really annoying thing about newly diagnosed diabetics is that they change! What did not work last month, may indeed work now.

I agree with you that your numbrs are a bit low. There just is not enough wiggle room for an unexpected drop. Esp if you are working and not home. I am lucky enough to be home 24/7.

These are just my opinions on the subject, and you will find lots of different ones, as the truth of the matter is, every dog is a unique case. But looking back at my struggles for so long, and how easy it all is now, I think i would have got here more easily and quickly, if I had realized that in the beginning, one theory you have on how your dog is reacting via bg readings, can be blown to bits the following week. So you keep trying, but heading back towards a more "normal" pattern, is a good way to keep from getting too far from the way insulin is designed to work.

Hugs Joan
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