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Default Re: any thoughts in improving these numbers

Originally Posted by Joan View Post
these are some digestive enzymes I have used. However since I no longer use them on my diabetic pug, but on some of the others, there are probably others here who can direct you better.


BTW, I am wondering what a rabbit run is? If we are talking about strenuous exercise, you might try, on the days you are not working, to give that exercise at her high times, as opposed to her lows, and see if it is the exercise making the drop. I know it may not be possible while you work, but if you find if its the rabbit run, then adjusting the food/insulin is not going to make as much difference as adjusting the timing of the exercise when possible.
yeah the rabbit run is mostly smelling sometimes she will find one and chase it its amazing its more than an hour and a half after she eats and no influence of food at that time you would think no problem but yes there is a problem this is what she enjoys most in life and ive tried to structure the program so she can have some fun she was at 200 when we left when we came back she was 50 Ide like to do latter times but its very hot and work is a problem with that but maybe ill try a spoon full of sugar before the run and shorten the run and see her number before and after like I said the 5.5 dose will keep her within 20 points all day but we are starting at a low level already so she is at about a 100 20 points up or down through the day had to pump her with sugar to pick her up no wiggle room must test alot at least she is normal for a day . gave her a pancake over an hour ago and see no signs of that in he numbers she must be an alien dog or something like that
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