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Default Re: any thoughts in improving these numbers

Originally Posted by Joan View Post
Exactly how long since she was diagnosed, this past Easter, April? What is her weight, I apologize if you have already given this info someplace, just dont see it here.
What is the lowest reading or group of readings you have ever found?
I am out for several hrs now, but will check back as soon as I return.
shes about 26 pounds actually very healthy better than years ago yes Easter this year diagnosed. very low on readings but once again insulin got ahead of sugar . the pancake with sryup finally kicked almost 2 hours shes at 140. she used to be a free eater before this and ate small amounts trough the day now she is eating 2 big meals a day which is one cup of blue weight control twice a day they recommend 1.5 cups a day and she is getting 2 she was pretty thin so i gave her a little extra and she is looking pretty good so maybe ill cut her back a little maybe having that much food in the belly makes a difference or maybe the sugar is going someplace else to be stored she seems to poop twice a day maybe a handful if thats not to descriptive for you and looks good as far as poop goes so everything seems to be working but why so late on the blood sugar looked online cant find anything I think I can regulate her even if it is taking this long its just the timing must be there and i may have to give her a boost at the end . that can be done with my schedule.
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