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Default Problems with glucose meter

Iíve been using the AlphaTrak 2 but their strips are sooo expensive that I have been using Pet Sure strips which were half the price. This week Iíve been upset to be getting high readings over 500, but it was puzzling because he seems fine and the next time I would test him he would read what would be expected for him. I even took him to the vet and had his urine tested but all was fine.

This morning I did a fasting test on him that was 680! I was shook. I tested him a second time five minutes later and it was 331.

My guess was that there is something wrong with the meter. I called the company and they were willing to troubleshoot but needed the number off their test strip bottle and of course I havenít been using theirs. So they couldnt help me. Also told me control liquid no good if more than three months old.

Iím not sure what to do. AlphaTraks very expensive so hesitate to buy a new one. Does anyone know how long the battery lasts? Bought this in Feb. If battery goes bad would you get high readings?

Maybe I should get a human meter? I really get ticked off paying a double price for strips simply because they have somewhat of a monopoly on the pet meter market.
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