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Default Cataract surgery? Romeo update

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I found an excellent internist who helped me get Romeo’s sugar under control. He is now on 2.5 units Vetsulin twice a day and doing well. His average on blood curve is about 225 and he seems healthy with no symptoms, other than worsening cataracts and dry eyes.Internist referred me to ophthalmologist who says he is a candidate for cataract surgery but we must move quickly due to dry eye issue. Has anyone here had that surgery, if so how did your dog fare? The complication is Romeo’s dry eyes which might lead to corneal ulcers with or without the surgery. Lens rupture is a possibility without the surgery but most other complications are with or without. 50% chance of complications without surgery, 15% chance with surgery. Having a hard time making decision. Surgery could make dry eyes worse and he is already on Tacrolimus maximum dosage.
Any thoughts are welcome. Cost not an issue, we have very good pet insurance.
Romeo, toy poodle dx diabetic Feb 2019. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato Bison, Whole Life freeze dried turkey snacks. Vetsulin 2.5 units every 12 hrs. Ocu-Glo supplement. Dry eyes: Tacrolimus 1.0 (max dose available) 3x day and Diclofenac drops 2x day, along with Genteel gel lubricant at least 3-4 x/day.
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