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Default Re: Cataract surgery? Romeo update

Thanks for the reply. The 75% sounds in the ball park. Yes they emphasized around the clock compliance for the first two weeks after surgery and daytime compliance thereafter, lifetime eye meds after but he is already on eyedrops for life. I did not realize the implications of dry eye when they first diagnosed and was not as diligent with the eye drops, he quickly developed corneal ulcers but they healed. I won’t make that mistake again. You are very knowledgeable!
Romeo, toy poodle dx diabetic Feb 2019. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato Bison, Whole Life freeze dried turkey snacks. Vetsulin 2.5 units every 12 hrs. Ocu-Glo supplement. Dry eyes: Tacrolimus 1.0 (max dose available) 3x day and Diclofenac drops 2x day, along with Genteel gel lubricant at least 3-4 x/day.
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